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This collection is a remarkable representation of abandoned places. The 8 pictures, all captured by Mentha, showcase the haunting beauty of different parts of the world, from the industrial ruins of Kazakhstan to an abandoned hotel in Italy. Each photograph has its own captivating story that invites viewers to imagine what may have happened in these deserted spaces, giving them a sense of both sadness and awe.


About the Artworks

Introducing “Abandoned” a captivating collection of photography prints by the talented creator, Mentha. This series of 8 breathtaking prints is a celebration of abandoned places. Each image in this collection tells a unique and intriguing story, inviting the viewer on a journey through forgotten places and unexplored realms.

One of the pictures depicts an abandoned hotel in Italy, with crumbling walls and shattered windows. Another showcases a semi-destroyed villa in Portugal, once a hub of luxurious gatherings and now, a solitary landmark. One striking image captures a Soviet space shuttle in Baikonur, Kazakhstan, reminding us of the lofty ambitions of the former USSR. The Burj al Babas village in Turkey is also captured, a ghost town with towering buildings that were left half-finished. The Botanical Garden of Yerevan makes an appearance too, with overgrown plants reclaiming their space. The image of the abandoned ship in Cyprus reminds us of the many voyages taken, never to return. ROT 54, a colossal Soviet telescope stationed in the mountains of Armenia, makes an unforgettable impression. And finally, a picture of an abandoned airplane is included, with an unknown past and an uncertain future.

Mentha's creative talent and masterful storytelling ability are showcased in each picture. This collection evokes a range of emotions from awe and wonder to a sense of loss and abandonment. Each image is an invitation to explore the hidden worlds of our past, an invitation that is too captivating to decline.



Get to know more about this guy who has real dedication to abandoned places around the world. 

Explore the Collection

Come explore the world through the lens of [abandoned] collection, featuring unique and captivating urbex photos.

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