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We are A gallery and art collective dedicated to showcase exclusive pieces of wallart to art enthusiasts and culture fans. We provide posters and framed Pictures from skilled artists, exceptional photographers and exclusive brands. Our objective is to add value, support people making art and promote culture...

The Prints

Professional printing techniques on premium materials.

We constantly strive for the best quality in paper, technology and ink. Using a Canon TM-300 Plotter, we print on high quality 250gsm Canon silk gloss photo paper. All prints are made, cut and packaged in Hungary. 


The Frames

Every picture needs care to shine for a long time.

Every s91 print should be protected and displayed which is why we offer complimentary custom framing on all of our pieces for customers. We want everyone to find an option that suits them, so we offer two types of frames.

About the gallery

Based in Budapest, this art gallery is devoted to the curation of contemporary artworks from various artists and designers, offering their creations to those passionate about art at a reasonable price. What makes us distinct is our exclusive selection of both limited prints and handcrafted items.

Our pool of creatives includes painters, designers, photographers, and performers, working in the realms of contemporary art, 3D art, and subcultural photography, such as snowboarding, surfing, motorsports, and vintage cars.We also host visual content from selected urban brands.

The mission of this brand is to support the local culture and aid the growth of its creators. At this virtual space, customers are provided with three different options - posters, framed artworks, and hand-made pieces - each crafted with only the best of Hungarian-made ink, paper, and frames.

Meet the artists

Take a look inside the mind of our curated creators, photographers and designers


Check our selections of artworks

Explore a unique universe of art with our stunning collections, where imagination has no boundaries.

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