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The "Classical Carelessness" Collection seeks to combine classic and contemporary art by digitally transforming classic paintings. Its aim is to emphasize how often the beauty of classic art gets overlooked, thus challenging us to care more about these important pieces.


About the Artworks

This collection consists of 6 masterfully transformed classical paintings into a Pixel art. Taking something so widely recognized, such as Mona Lisa, and reworking it as pixel art to tell a story of the forgotten arts and culture, speaks to something that lives deep within each of us. With The Scream as a piece in the collection, a profound realization that this style of art communicates, on an existential level, the core elements of being human - apprehension and chaos, arise. With Girl with a Pearl Earring, The Creation of Adam, The Gleaners, and The Son of Man as supporting players, we are in the presence of greatness. Together these 6 classical paintings, rendered into pixel art, build a narrative of our humanity, reminding us of our true form.



We have crafted a truly remarkable print collection with diverse and eye-catching designs. Each print has been made with care and dedication to create a timeless and classic piece of art. 

Explore the Collection

Each artwork within the collection can provide people with a moment of admiration for these amazing creations and their artists. These timeless and awe-inspiring masterpieces of artwork can now be displayed and celebrated with this Printed artwork collection.

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