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Meet Leves, an artist who's known for his creative digital content but his talent extends far beyond that. He finds joy in creating beautiful photos and videos, while also discovering a passion for painting in recent times. His art reflects his intricate personality, full of imagination and talent.


About the Artist

Hollós-Zsiga Levente, also known as Hollosleves, is a Budapest-based artist whose work truly captures the beauty and essence of the world around us. Having started his journey as a content creator, photographer and cinematographer, he now focuses his creative energy on the medium of painting, particularly on the art of analog techniques. Hollosleves is driven by a deep desire to capture moments that would otherwise go unnoticed and to use his visual art to communicate with society in a meaningful way. With each piece he creates, he aims to convey important messages that touch the hearts of those who view his works, helping to bring about positive change in the world. His art not only possesses aesthetic beauty, but it also creates value that people can resonate with. Hollosleves is truly an artist who is driven by his passion and desire to use his craft to connect with and inspire those around him.



by hollosleves

A photo can bring us closer to our neighbours on a global scale. Through a lens, observe how every nation differs and find beauty in their diverse, vibrant characters.


Explore the Collection

Come explore the world through the lens of [world i witnessed] collection, featuring unique and captivating travel photos.

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