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Meet Mentha, aN artist based in Veszprem, Hungary. He is well known in the Hungarian culture and music industry, with a special affinity for Visual arts. Over the last ten years, Mentha has made a name for himself with ceramic works, Rap music, Graffiti art, and large, colourful murals that adorn the sides of many city buildings. He also has a deep interest in urban exploration, or urbex, a hobby that takes him all over the world - from Kazakhstan to Italy. On these adventures he carries a camera to document his travels and preserve each moment for future reflection.


About the Artist

Gergely Ozsváth, better known as Menthamadafaka, is a multi-talented performer who is not just creating amazing music. If you take a look at his Instagram, you'll be given an exclusive look at the life of the artist which has been active since 2001, and also get to experience urbex, an extraordinary type of tourism, that Mentha has been heavily invested in for quite a while now.

People who are part of the urbex (urban exploration) subculture don't look for seaside beaches with swaying palm trees or mountainous landscapes to relax in, but instead the darkness of urban desolation. During their action-filled expeditions, these Urbex adventurers stumble across ruins and deserted spots (such as hospitals, schools, factories...), while also visiting operational establishments (like tunnels, sewer systems, military and industrial zones, etc.) that aren't accessible to most people.


The Collection

Abandoned by Mentha

From the crumbling halls of abandoned castles to the faded beauty of abandoned ships, his photography gives a viewer a captivating insight into the forgotten places of the world

Explore the Artworks

Come explore the world through the lens of [abandoned] collection, featuring unique and captivating travel photos.

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