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THE [World I Witnessed] is a captivating collection of printed artwork that brings to life the hidden details and textures of different countries. This artwork captures the essence of society, its people, and the atmosphere in a single shot, creating a feeling and vibe unique to each location.


About the Artworks

The[world i witnessed] collection showcases the stunning travel photography of a Hungarian artist, hollosleves. Featuring 12 mesmerizing pieces, the collection is a testament to his artistry and eye for detail. Captured in the last few years, the photographs offer a rare glimpse into countries such as Montenegro, Amsterdam, Portugal, Greece, Georgia and Serbia. Unlike typical travel photos, these pictures focus on the essence of the country and its people. Each picture tells a unique story and exudes a distinct emotion that will leave the viewer feeling deeply moved and inspired.



the guy who doesn't care about his

content creation limits. he usually photographs the things that others walk past.

Explore the Collection

Come explore the world through the lens of [world i witnessed] collection, featuring unique and captivating travel photos.

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